School regulations in the 50's. 
Wah Yan College, Kowloon
School Regulations.
1. In Classrooms 
Students should be in time for each lesson and if they arrive late, should report to the teacher in charge. 
All should stand up and salute teachers or visitors when these enter or leave the classroom. 
If the door is closed the student nearest it should open it for the teacher or visitors when they are leaving. 
No students is to rush out ahead of the teacher at the end of the class. 
If a teacher does not arrive five minutes after the bell has been rung, the Class Prefect should let the Prefect of Studies or the Office know. 
All should cooperate in keeping the classroom tidy by putting rubbish in the waste-paper-basket and not throwing it on the corridors or about the grounds. 
It will be looked on as a serious offence to go into another classroom without leave. 

2. On corridors & Stairs. 
When walking along corridors or going up and down stairs keep to the left. 
Go to drill, the Physics or Chemistry laboratories quietly and in single file. 
The school uniform is to be worn during class time. It drill white shorts and shoes are compulsory. 
Care should be taken no to dirty louvers or walls by footmarks and this, or other damage to property will be penalized. 
Silence is to be observed outside the Chapel when mass is being said and when there is benediction. 
All boys must leave the school premises during the lunch recess. 

3. Outside school. 
Students should not injure the good reputation of the school by using language common to the uneducated class. 
No student of this school should indulge in such undesirable practises as gambling, smoking etc. 

4. Permissions. 
To be excused i.e. for a period over one month, permission must be obtained from the Rector, and for a shorter period, from the Prefect of Studies. 
The Prefect of Studies for a serious reason can give permission to leave school during class hours. If he is absent the Form Master and the Office should be informed. The permission should be in writing. A letter of excuse should be obtained from ones parents on the following day. To enter the Masters Common room, verbal permission from a teacher is required. Outsiders are not to be invited to play games in the grounds without leave of the Games-master. 
  The Headmaster must be asked for permission for the following: 
  1. To write article for publication concerning the school or its activities. 
  2. To form a class society. 
  3. To engage a teacher who is employed in this school to coach them in school subjects.

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