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The Internet is an emergent phenomenon date back to 1970s when the US military was looking for ways to improve communications network.   The enormous potential of resource sharing was demonstrated in Internet.  By far the best examples of collaborative software are the GNU project and the development of Linux.  Many  free software outdid its commercial competitors in almost every aspect.  How was this possible? The answer is simply weight of numbers.  A large software company might be able to put a hundred programmers to work on a major piece of software.  However, this is nothing compared to the force of thousands of enthusiastic hackers scattered over the Internet all vying to outdo one another to improve a piece of code.  This activity can create new resources where the whole is quite literally more than the sum of its parts. 

You cannot fight against the future. 
Time is on our side.
The development of Student Computer Team, the volunteer student group concerned with computing at WYK, also exhibits both self-organisation and emergent properties.  The team is a complex system that is just beginning to organize itself.   The magic started at 1995.  The team members are students with fine minds and enthusiastic towards new technology.  The aims of the team are to explore and investigate the potential of applying Information Technology to school and to share resources and exchange ideas. By this collaborative effort, we were the first school in Hong Kong to publish School Magazine in CD-R,  to put the School Magazine on-line, and to launch library catalogue on-line.  The team also administer several machines, write documentation, run a variety of servers, and generally have a good time. Now, there are attempts to create "virtual communities" and other cooperative projects with schools in other continents. 
If I have seen further  
it is by standing on ye shoulders of Giants.
SCT is not a web team. In 98-99, much effort was done on research of Open Source solution. While we were researching on Linux and related free solutions, we were inspired by the spirit behind the free software movement. Free software gives users the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. We have simply fallen in love with open source solutions. Money can buy software but not the the spirit of freedom. Now, most of the softwares we use are open source.

"If we knew what it was we were doing,  
it would not be called research, would it ?" - Einstein

In this year, we are towards the completion of the IT pilot project. Much of the work this year would still be on the integration of Unix and Windows NT. It's our goal to replace the proprietary solutions by open solutions. Besides, we have fast network and powerful workstations for non-linear video editing.One of the mission would be on how to make maximum use of those powerful machines. In October, we released the beta version of the Wah Yan Portal site my.wyk.

by Wong Wai Leung,  Teacher-in-charge of SCT

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